Vivian Bound

Lessons and Workshops

Assuming I can find a place to give lessons they will be $25 an hour for a single student plus space rental if it's substantial.

A discount of $5 per student will be given for groups large than 5.  Groups will be limited to 15 since it is hard to get to and work with everyone individuallyin groups larger than that.  

I will only take serious students.  Teens or younger who have little interest or attention span will not gain much from my classes so I prefer not to work with them.

I have no workshops planned.  If there is sufficient interest I will look into having one.  Payment for workshops will be due in time for me to order supplies and have them arrive beforehand.

Commissions and Illustration

Understand when working with an artist that it isn’t like going to the copy machine and pushing a button immediately printing something out.  This is what it breaks down to for me.  When working for someone else it can be more than twice the work x however many pieces they want done.  So when you want something in 2 days, no.  When you want a large number at 2.5 days a piece for months and months on end, no.  I just can’t do it.  It’s not in my current personal timeframe to work that quickly for myself and if something comes up and I can’t commit 100% to it I will be in breach of contract and nobody wants that.  I have a bad hip and back and can only work so long before I need to stop for a while.  I have good days and I have bad days and bad days can come as one or a week.  I have a life and can have other obligations come up.  If I have to do a lot of research acquiring reference photos it takes longer and possibly costs me if I don’t find free ones/am not given copyright free ones or can’t take them myself but must pay for them.  Artists often need supplies up front to do the work we don’t always have enough to get started on your piece with what we have.  This is why artists ask for partial payment and contracts up front.  It protects them from doing a lot of work and having you go somewhere else with their ideas, it protects you and makes sure everyone has a clear understanding.  I don’t do a lot of commission work, I have recently looked up contracts and have one I am working on.  I’ve spent years in the company of professional artists and this is how they all do business.  I do know how the game is played and I’ve seen how artists mistakenly get played by an inexperienced client or intentionally and knowingly by unscrupulous clients.  Some of this time is quite literally watching paint dry.  Oils take longer for paints to dry and cure than any other medium, this is calculated on watercolors or inks.  Pencils and pastel can take longer to draw and blend but don’t need dry time so I would say roughly the same.

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