About Vivian Bound

About The Artist

Vivian Bound Artist’s Statement:  I look around myself and I see a complexity and beauty in nature itself and in things created by man that cause me to know this all didn’t just happen by accident.  I paint to preserve, to feel, to touch with my heart a small part of that beauty and complexity I see and feel all around me.


My name is Vivian R. Bound. I am a self taught artist, born and raised in the Greater Kansas City area, Married and have grown children.   We moved to southern Ohio for about 12 years with my husband's job, then we moved back to the Kansas City Area, now living just a bit north of the St. Louis metro area.  I love the outdoors and nature.  I love kayaking, hiking, biking, RV Camping, Gardening and much more.  I suffered an injury to my hip many years back and art became a focus over pain.  I have always liked to doodle or draw.  Now I am getting back to a better functioning state, but my love for art remains as I am regaining the other parts of my life.  I went to see art shows at Metcalf South Mall when I was young, but did not get involved in the art world or start showing my art in competitions until after I moved to southern Ohio.  I was a member of the Brush and Palette Art Guild for about 12 years. I held the post of Newsletter Editor, Web Page Designer, and secretary.  I joined the Greater Kansas City Art Assoc and The Olathe Visual Artists after moving back to the Kansas City Metro area.  I work in digital graphics and Illustrator mostly working with company logos on the job.

I use oil, acrylic, watercolor, color pencil, ink, stained glass, and I am always willing to try other mediums. I have placed my work in shows and have earned many awards. Art is a hobby for me, although I am becoming more involved in art as a business. My goal is to never stop learning techniques and trying new mediums. I have an account where you may order prints of certain paintings and in time I hope to have them all on the site. I would like to start holding art classes in my area, but do not currently have a place to do so. I do some photography for reference material for my paintings but up to now have not sold any as art themselves.  I would prefer to sell prints of my paintings over selling the originals, but would consider selling some of my works for the right price. I will do commission artwork. If you have questions don't hesitate to ask.

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